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Dear Trump Evangelicals…

Yes. I know that I have effectively pulled the pin out of the grenade. I remember the last 2 or 3 years of political vitriol that everyone endured on Facebook. All the carcuses of the “unfriended” masses, when people couldn’t … Continue reading

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The other side of Father’s Day

When my mother was a younger girl, her father (my grandfather) was abusing her. From stories I could piece together from various people, it was bad. One such story involved the man literally jumping up and down on top of … Continue reading

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No, Trump doesn’t know Jesus. Stop.

Today, Sarah Palin – former governor of Alaska and media pariah endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States. This didn’t shock me. It would take an awful lot to shock me at this point in my life, having … Continue reading

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We better get off earth soon. Really.

If you Google the phrase, “SMARTEST MAN ON EARTH“, my browser at least plasters the photo of one man across the Google Images return. It’s the man Dr. Sheldon Cooper threw a game of Scrabble to on the popular series, … Continue reading

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Jesus and Tony Stark

This morning, I was researching the commonalities between Buddhism, and Christianity. No matter who I cited, there was a central divergence in the comparisons. It all came back to the Cross.¬†Buddhist scholar Masao Abe pointed out that while “the event … Continue reading

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