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Jesus and Tony Stark

This morning, I was researching the commonalities between Buddhism, and Christianity. No matter who I cited, there was a central divergence in the comparisons. It all came back to the Cross.¬†Buddhist scholar Masao Abe pointed out that while “the event … Continue reading

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Xenophobia and other big words

No, it’s not a fear of warrior Princess’. It’s a big word people use lately to describe someone they’re afraid of. ¬†It, when translated means (literally): “intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries“. I love politics … Continue reading

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Dirt Clods, Flat Earthers, and F***

There’s a problem in America – maybe the biggest one in our short history. And everyone of us is guilty of the problem – and participating in it to one extent or another. Something one of my beloved high school … Continue reading

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