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Jesus on the dashboard…and the bumper

I’m old enough to remember the WWJD wristband phenomenon of the 90’s. Seems like everyone had a silicon wristband espousing their faith in Jesus, or Lance Armstrong. There’s something powerful about identifying with a large group of people in that … Continue reading

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Death Cairns

Everyone of us, whether we’re aware of it or not, is building a death cairn. If you’ve never seen one before, a cairn is a pile of stones piled vertically, without the use of cement or mortar. Cairns are built … Continue reading

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Short Essay

Age is a powerful portal – a periscope with ‘hindsight highlight’ perks. Through its glassy eyepieces, you begin to see repeating patterns, rhythmically undulating across the horizon of your timeline. I’m particularly fascinated by its autofocus feature. It seems the … Continue reading

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