I don’t understand…maybe someone can explain it to me

Today, a lot of people were upset that the Susan G. Komen association decided to drop Planned Parenthood as a recipient of grant money in response to a newly launched congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood. The investigation, is suggested to have its origins in a politically motivated move by Republican Congressmen in response to Anti-Abortion pressures of “pro-life” activists.

This Congressional investigation is attempting to determine if Planned Parenthood is properly using the funds appropriated to it, in response to a report citing violations ranging from PP’s misuse of funds to allegations, willful disregard of parental involvement laws, to the failure of PP to report criminal child sexual abuse.

It would be one thing to go partisan on the subject, with no substantiation – and fall back to the left and right of the line. But take 90 seconds (typing with one hand) and you come across videos like this one where a PP worker assists a pimp with an underage girl – offering advice on how to run his “business”, versus following protocol and reporting the incident to the police.

Okay, one bad egg doesn’t spoil the bunch though, right? Surely there can’t be more undercover footage. These substantiations are politically motivated with no substantiated proof of systemic failure.

Um. Hold on. There’s this video in Arizona. A 27 year old man walks into the clinic with a 15 year old man…a felony offense. The PP associate advises the 15 year old girl how to circumvent the system, avoid the rape laws, and bypass her parents involvement completely.

If I were John Stewart on the Daily Show, this would be the part of the skit where I look at the camera and say, “But that’s it right? There can’t be more of this going on?”.

And then the monitor would flash this video, and the audience would laugh. This next video would be in the hopper, just in case the first one didn’t play…making his sarcastic and rhetorical point.

It’s not so funny though, when you have a 13 year old daughter, or a 15 year old sister or niece. When you’re staring at a phone at night, wondering if you’ll ever see your runaway child again.

Is it wrong for the Susan G. Komen foundation to stop funding PP until the Congressional investigation is completed?  Is there a disproportionately large amount of emotion tied to this issue?

Poll the social network feeds, and you will find more Americans support the new STOCK act in Congress, that supports the regulation of Congressional members trading activities while in office – versus thousands of “#” tweets and Facebook posts against the proposed investigation of Planned Parenthood in light of the accusations brought against it.  People – and women – are outraged that the Susan Komen foundation has “caved” to political pressure.

In my mind (and again – I’m admittedly obtuse sometimes) I’m thinking back 30 and 4o years ago when the first children were being abused by clergy in the Catholic church. The Catholic Charities were receiving countless millions of dollars from the Federal Government…for good causes….while systemically covering up allegations of abuse and known violations of the law to preserve the momentum of the overall “charitable machinery”. People today are outraged that no one took the allegations of these children seriously, at the time. The the governments of the world didn’t step in and investigate the organization to uncover what we now know were massive misappropriations of funds to cover up. Their “word” was enough for the ruling authorities of the day. Years later – we are ashamed at them for not acting on what was almost impossible to prove, then.

40 years later, we have case after case after case of undercover footage of willful and lawful violations….commonalities from New Jersey thru Virginia as far south as Arizona. But today – words like “unjust”, and “caving” and “politically motivated” are garnered in righteous indignation, while our daughters and nieces and granddaughters are being failed on our watch – recorded in HD stereo for the world to not see.

Maybe someone can explain this to me in simple language. When your done, you can help me understand why this guy has to go to jail for what he did, and any woman who chooses to end the life of any one of the fetuses in this video, walks out to her car and goes home.

Maybe someone can explain to me why it’s wrong for a foundation that purposes to care for and save the lives of women, chose to step away and re-examine it’s support of an organization and subsequently a procedure that has actually reduced the number of women born into the world…altering the naturally occurring ratio. Let that sink in for a minute. It took me about 5 minutes. There are systemically less women in the world, as a result of their “right to choose”.

Maybe….just maybe…it’s okay to slow down the machinery long enough to peer inside…with so much at stake…step back and say ‘maybe there’s something to this allegation’. Let’s be sure, this time.

We are a society fraught with good intentions that affected entire generations and races detrimentally. Systematically.  A society who continually looks back and says, “How did they let that happen?” in the midst of their own generational shortfalls. Each generation celebrates its enlightenment, justifying its decisions with everything from the Bible, to a Supreme Court decision. Each generation, in retrospect, horrifically wrong.

If we look back and remember – it was legal in this country to own another human being…to beat them, and summarily kill them.

It was legal in this country to slaughter an entire race of people, because their stuff was sitting on “our land”. Or herd them into intern camps because their eyes were “slanted”.

It was illegal for a woman, or person of color – to vote.

Moral decisions are made, and are reversed countless times in our history. Don’t believe me? Well, have you enjoyed a drink lately? Drinking a cool one this Superbowl Sunday? You would have went to jail a short time ago. People were shot over possessing more liquor than you probably have in your home right now.

Entire society’s were summarily extinguished, to the tune of 12,000 daily – justified by the morality of the day and the liberating nationalistic movement of the time. One wonders if the dissenters of that day and age were treated with the same disdain and disappointment  for their raised concerns.

February 1st, 2012….when we have clip after clip after clip of footage of 13 year old girls accompanied by their pimps or 27 year old boyfriends into PP, or 3D ultrasound footage of a fetus wincing as it’s torn apart by a vacuum tube – the most “enlightened and informed” generation of Planet Earth has my permission to stop and breathe and think, in-between texts as we drive home to watch, “Jersey Shore”.

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One Response to I don’t understand…maybe someone can explain it to me

  1. Sandy B says:

    Michael. Thanks for your wisdom and insight. I couldn’t agree more.

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