Racing against hunger

About 6 weeks ago, I challenged the small group from my church that I lead.

It was an unusual challenge, but I think one of the more important ones of our time together.

We had just finished a study entitled “Outlive your Life” by Max Lucado. Throughout the book the author challenged us with the question, “when your grandchildren ask how you met the great challenge of your day….with 3 billion impoverished people and 1 billion starving or hungry people…what will they see….?”

I read the parable of the Talents to our group. And we learned how God feels about the resources he’s given to us. How one day we’ll all be held accountable for what we’ve been given. No matter how small the gift. Did we invest it into his kingdom….or did we bury it in the ground and do nothing with it.

And so I challenged my group. Take $25.00, and multiply it towards a cause that God put on their hearts. Some knew right away what they would do. Others had to think about it. I was in the second group. This was hard for me….

And when I thought about it, I knew what I was supposed to do.

The last 5 months of my life have been about food. About how I have too much of it. How I eat too much of it. How it’s made me fat, and unhealthy. Food…..EVERYWHERE.

I started thinking about how we throw away more food in a day, than millions of people eat in a day. What my pre-schooler says he’ll eat…and doesn’t. The scraps we leave behind.

I thought about how we have access to food…for relatively no money….twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. And how there are children right now, experiencing the hunger that I was trying to experience on purpose….with no hope of nutrition.

And so, on April 9th… day after my 40th birthday….having lost 50 pounds, I know exactly what I want to do with my challenge.

I’m going to run. And I’m going to invite you to run with me.

I’m asking everyone that’s read this blog….that’s been encouraged by anything I’ve written or shared in the past 5 months….to give something….anything…towards helping these kids.

A gift of $1.00……$5.00……whatever you can do. $35.00 feeds a child for 30 days. That’s 30 days of waking up and being able to play, and do kid things….and not sort through a garbage pile or beg on street corners.

Everyone that helps out will receive a spot of honor on my jersey. My kids are going to help me write your names in on the shirt, and decorate around the names before I run.

I’ll post pictures and videos immediately after the race. Everyone that helps out this time will be running with me….running together to race against the hunger that these kids will wake up with, tomorrow.

Click on this banner to go to my team’s web page….our team’s web page.

We can do this guys……we should do this.

We need to do this.

No one else is going to….

In Him………Michael

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